How To Choose The Best Dog Kennels

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Dog kennels are small but big enough for all dogs structures in which pets spend some time. They are used for keeping, transport, maintaining, and breeding.

If you need a kennel you probably noticed that there are lots of different options on the market. Even though lots of them seem very similar, they are from different brands who make them in different locations. they are also made from all sorts of materials which makes them better or worst.

in order to choose the best one for you, you need to pay attention to a few things. In this article, we’re going to explain some of the things that are most important. Read on and learn more!

Make sure it’s durable

Animals are driven by instinct. The instinct tells them that when they want to be someplace else, and not in the kennel, they must get out. They’ll do anything to break free and if the materials used for the kennel is weak, the structure will break apart or at least get damaged. This means it will last a short time.

Most popular materials for this are wood and canvas but they are not also the most durable ones. The best choices, in this case, are metal crates that allow the dog to see the world around it but also to keep it safe from the environment and vice versa, of course.

A lot of portable and fixed crates are made from plastic which is proven to be the most affordable material. However, at the same time, it is one of the most inappropriate materials because it’s easily breakable and it isn’t providing any comfort for the animal.

What you need in this case is something made from metal. Best case scenario is a crate made from aluminum or steel. They are proven to be the toughest materials that last the longest, yet, they look good and give security.


It needs to be comfortable

We are not keeping death row prisoners here, right? Dogs are beautiful and innocent animals. There’s no reason to punish them and let them stay in kennels that are not appropriate. it’s easy for cat owners, no matter how big a cat is, it’s still somewhere around the standard, but dogs have more breeds and lots of different sizes. See here the 5 best dog kennels at the moment.

For example, getting a small carrier for a big guard dog is like trying to put an elephant into a car. It’s impossible. Even if it is, you can be sure that the pet will feel uncomfortable and sad inside. Just imagine how would you feel living in a cardboard box. Claustrophobic, right? Well, it’s the same for animals, they’ll feel sad, trapped, and angry.

Some kennels are specially made to give your loved ones the maximum comfort. Other, not so much. That’s why you need to make a good calculation of how big your pet is and how big of a kennel you need. You don’t want to get a small one for a big dog, but you also don’t need something gigantic for a Chihuahua, right?

Air ventilation is a must

Some of the crates are made from wood, plastic, or canvas. These are all materials that are not letting the air flow through it. You probably know that all animals depend on fresh air and might get serious injuries from overheating.

You need to provide a shelter that has constant air flow. That’s why it’s best if you don’t look at kennels that are made from plastic even though they are the most affordable. Plastic is simple and cheap, but it definitely doesn’t provide what the dog needs for a comfortable stay inside the kennel.

There are lots of models made with small bars at the front and on the back. Most of the transporters are made this way and this is fairly okay. If you use the crate for transportation it is even the best way because the animal will be protected in case of rain or other meteorological events. Still, the bars from both sides allow the wind to flow and get enough breeze so the dog can feel comfortable and stay with perfect health.


Pay attention to security

Since most animals don’t like being trapped, they very often try to get off the kennel. Those that are bigger have more strength and they often use brute force to destroy the crate and get out. If it is made of plastic or canvas as we mentioned, chances are big that a huge dog will destroy it by just running into the wall. Read this article to see some options.

Sometimes dogs break free by chewing the walls, the securing mechanism, or they simply open the doors that are left unlocked by playing with the parts of the door. When kennel manufacturers made some of them, they probably thought that these animals are not smart enough to get out without someone’s help, but we’ve all seen how smart they really are and how capable of doing complex tasks they can be.

Pay attention to this. Get a kennel that is well secured, and the material is made from unbreakable stuff so the dog won’t get loose and eventually get lost. The main reason for these items is keeping the animal inside and safe. If it isn’t inside it’s not safe and the whole purpose of getting a kennel is lost. So, make sure the security is top-notch here.



Of course, price matters too. Dog owners never save money for their pets. This is completely normal; we love our family members and we want the best there is for them. Manufacturers of dog toys and gear know this fact and they use it against you. They charge for fairly simple things amounts that are out of this world.

Make sure the crate you’re about to get is real value for money. Don’t spend on something you don’t need and don’t waste money on something that’s a famous brand. You buy something for the well being of the pet, you’re not buying a diamond necklace.