Long Island Puppy Parties: Best Idea for Your Child’s Birthday

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If you’re living in the area of Long Island and you have no idea about the birthday party for your little loved one, think about this option.

This parties are now trending in the area. It is a great way to surprise your child and their friends and make an unforgettable birthday party for everyone involved in it. So how it is done, what can you expect from it?

How the puppy party is done?

What happens is, they organize Long Island puppy parties. They call the store that provides this kind of service to lend their puppies for the occasion. The store provides the ride, and the trainer will be taking care of everything connected to the animals including the mess they might create behind them.

During the time, the children can groom them with special brushes, can play with them, and hug them. Imagine the joy of the kids when they see a bunch of small little dogs running around in your backyard. They can also dress them in special costumes that the store provides for this occasion.

When the party is done, the trainers will clean up after them and they’ll live the children happier than ever.

Why is this a better option than something else?

It is scientifically proven that playing with pets can raise the feeling of being positive and reduce anxiety. Imagine how much the kids will love this knowing that their emotions are always several times higher than the ones of the grown-ups.

Some parents choose a clown-themed birthday but research shows that more people hate clowns than they like them. The research says that 60% of people between 18 and 36 said that they don’t like clowns and would rather go to a party where there are no clowns. Around 15% of them suffer from a phobia connected with them.

This won’t happen with puppies. Who’s afraid of little dogs running around without knowing what they are doing? They are adorable. Everyone loves them. That’s why this is the best possible idea for a birthday themed party. See more about the science of petting dogs here.

What’s the best part?

The best part of this is that you teach your children to love dogs. On top of it, you can see how your kids react when they around them. This will show you whether the little ones are ready for a pet in your house or not.

Also, a very important part of the upbringing is early detection of possible dog phobia. This will give you the chance to work on it and raise a child that won’t fear them. If the phobia stays, it will be much harder to handle it later in life when the kid will be more grown and aware of it.

Party ideas

Even though the trainers that come with the puppies have a few ideas that will suggest to you and the crowd, you can still ask for something else and enjoy differently.

For example, having 3-4 puppies can be a great situation for a themed social network photo shoot. You can also hire a photographer to help you with this. If you’re a skilled photographer even better, you can do it by yourself and upload the pictures for the world to see.

Another idea is playing games that include movement and bonding. Every child can have its own dog and a race can be made. Whichever pair gets first to the finish line, they’ll be the winner and the prize can be something tasty.

This is good because little folks love candy and sweets but they don’t really like running and playing like they used to. The technology involving Smartphones and computers are making kids lazy and obese. This can help in the battle with it. If you want to learn about this, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Childhood_obesity


Could you think a more interesting way to spice up the birthday party of your son or your daughter? A lot of Americans choose this option right now because it’s amazingly fun.

So many are booking this option that in some cases you need to book a few months earlier if you want the service provided. So, if you find this interesting, do it right away before it’s too late.