The ultimate guide to grooming dogs at home

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Grooming is one of the essential things when maintaining a dog. For most, grooming their dog seems superficial, but it has several benefits. As per doctors at vet hospital Virginia Beach, grooming helps to remove dead hair and skin from the body that further helps in distributing natural oil throughout the coat. Besides many other benefits, regular grooming improves blood circulation in the body which ultimately enhances the physical and mental health of the body.

Grooming sessions will also help you in checking for tumors or any parasites that may need VA beach vet assistance. Given the benefits of grooming, pet parents often take grooming services from experts. No doubt, taking professional grooming services usually burns a hole in the pocket, but one can do away with the expense by grooming their dogs at home.

So, let’s see how to groom your dog at home without much hassle.

  • When to start grooming your dog?

It is best to start grooming your dog when it is in its early years. Starting to groom your dog since its puppy stage will help him get accustomed to the whole process.

  • How often should you groom your dog?

When it comes to the frequency of grooming a dog, it very much depends upon the type of coat your dog has. Long haired dogs need grooming once a day to keep their hair from getting tangled. If you have a medium haired dog, brush him once a week to keep their mane in good shape while short-haired dogs can do without grooming for as long as one month.

Things to keep in mind when grooming your puppy.

  • There is not much difference between grooming a puppy and a dog. However, a puppy’s coat is softer and shorter than an adult dog.
  • Grooming may bring overwhelming experience to a pup so make sure you make him comfortable when grooming him. It is essential to make the grooming process a pleasurable one for the pups.
  • Cuddle them while brushing their body to calm their nerves. Choose a place to groom where your puppy is relaxed and much at peace.
  • Praise them once in a while when grooming them and take short breaks to make the puppy comfortable.
  • Puppies are curious creatures. They may bite the brush or play with them. In no case, you should scold them as they will start associating grooming with something negative. Praise the ethical behaviors of your pet while ignoring the bad ones.
  • To make them accustom to your grooming them, brush them several times a day. Gradually increase the duration of brushing and start brushing new areas too.
  • Grooming includes oral hygiene as well. Make your pooch familiar to close contact at an early age to make them comfortable when visiting veterinarian later in life.

To make grooming a positive experience for the puppy, always treat him with his favorite food or take him for a nice walk to the park at the end of each grooming sessions. Checkout Best Dog Houses here.