Various Chemical Methods for Eliminating Smoky Brown Cockroaches

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Is your home infested with smoky brown cockroach? You would come across several methods to get rid of these pestering insects from your house. However, you should search for the best methods to eliminate smoky brown cockroaches from your home. These methods should not be harmful for the residents of the house.

Let us delve on some of the chemical methods to control smoky brown cockroaches listed on

Dust the cracks and crevices

You should dust the cracks and crevices of your home chemically to get rid of smoky brown cockroach infestation. A number of options have been made available in the market for your use.

Applying of liquid residual

The liquid residual would provide excellent control on smoky brown roach infestation when applied to low-pressure settings. You should spray the liquid residual indoors along the baseboards, corners, door and window frames, behind bookshelves, under the furniture, and in all problematic areas. You should look forward to treat both the inner and outer perimeter of the house.

Depending on the level of infestation, you should look forward to applying residual sprays every month to three months. It would be imperative for eliminating the pest infestation from your house completely.

Using contact sprays

You could also make use of contact sprays to kill them. The contact sprays would kill the cockroaches instantly. It could also be used for flushing out the cockroaches from the suspected places of dwelling.

Using the IGR

The IGR has been deemed an effective chemical method used for disrupting along with impeding the life cycle of the smoky brown cockroaches. It would affect the eggs of the cockroaches along with the development of the different stages of larvae. It has been done to restrict the insect to reach adulthood. It would be an effective birth control method for smoky brown cockroaches.